Richie Knows is creating the world’s greatest local social platform for gamers to make gamers’ lives better.

Every Story has a Beginning

Ours began with a movie idea 5 years ago.
Hundreds of gamer interviews later…
A major studio. A green light. Then a pandemic.
What to do with this body of gaming research?
The answer was clear. Gamers needed connection.
We knew we were onto something.

Richie Knows was Born.

VENT: A Virtual Mental Health Space

We created the App and began our Alpha Test.
Turns out Gamers love Richie Knows.
They shared their Hearts.

We listened. Learned. We were humbled.

Our Alpha Test Participants showed there is enthusiasm for a real community possessing empathy and support.

Venture Out: Connecting Gamers in real life.

Everything and anything a Gamer needs to know
about gaming in their city or town to embrace
a full life and meet new friends.

Asocial Network for Gamers
Why Vent?
Richie Knows Radio Spot