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To the gamers,
The players,
And the sharers.

To the people that gave us a try
Offered an opinion
And gave us a good solid look.

To the people who participated in VENT and opened up, bared their souls and showed us that it was time for mental health to be de-stigmatized and that gamers helping gamers - community-driven mental health solutions - was a pretty good idea.

And to the people who made our Alpha Test a huge success and showed the world that a local social network for gamers could work, who made our KPI’s soar and our analytics shine and gave us the help we need to make something great...

We say a heartfelt thank you.

Great news! The bigger, better, Richie Knows is under construction.

We've taken your ideas and feedback and we're making Richie Knows even more rewarding and exciting than ever.

We're expanding VENT, we're adding Creator Content and using our Hollywood know-how to make it incredible for both the users and creators, we're innovating our social platform, making our reward for engagement Richie Coins even more valuable and doing all we can to make Richie Knows the perfect place for gamers go when they are not playing games.

Our goal, our passion and our mission is, to connect gamers and we can't wait to see you soon and bring us all together.